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Cosmic Software Integrated Development Environment

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All Cosmic C Cross Compilers for Windows include IDEA - Cosmic's own integrated development environment which is preconfigured for the the compiler it comes with. IDEA is designed specifically for developing embedded applications with Cosmic compilers. IDEA integrates an editor, project manager, graphical smart build/make facility, program analyzer, link file generator, documentation manager and ZAP debugger into one easy to use environment running under Windows. IDEA includes the following features:
  • Integrated Windows Editor
    Windows MS style editor with syntax highlights for both C and assembly source.
  • Project Manager
    Convenient Project window provides easy access to the most frequently used functions such as make, build, touch, mark, compile, link and debug. The project manager also supports Drag and Drop so you can select and drag files from a Windows Explorer to the project manager for easy setup.
  • Program Analyzer
    Intuitive Explorer style source file display - shows compiler options, include file dependencies, file build status, time and date of last edit, function prototypes, command line defines, global and static variables and documentation.
  • Link File Generator
    Flexible Link builder offers point and click configuration of memory map.
  • Graphical Smart Build
    Configure Compiler and Linker to build only files that need to be rebuilt and run various compiler or user defined utilities automatically. No need for makefile.
  • Point and Click Options
    IDEA provides an intuitive graphical setup for compiler and assembler options.
  • Automatic Error Handling
    When an error is found in a file just double click on the error and an editor window will open on that file, at the line with the error.
  • Global and local options
    IDEA allows to set compiler and assembler options both at project and file level.
  • Multifile functions
    Search in the project files or other group of files or directories.
  • Documentation Manager
    Attach any documents or notes to your project or to individual source files.

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