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Cosmic Software MISRA CHECKER

The Cosmic Software MISRA Checker is a standalone software utility that aids in the production of well structured and portable C language code using guidelines* prescribed by the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA). The Cosmic MISRA Checker is designed to provide comprehensive static MISRA compliance checking that executes fast enough to be used on every compile.

Contact us to get the full datasheet including an overview of the MISRA rules.

Easy-to-use Windows Interface

  • Can be used with any ANSI C Compiler
  • Supports all Cosmic Software Extensions
  • Load Cosmic IDEA Project files directly
  • Create new project files quickly with drag and drop file manager
  • Compliance Errors are linked to source lines for fast compliance fixes
  • Color Coded Source Code Editor for enhanced readability
  • Supports all Cosmic Software Extensions
  • Cosmic MISRA Checker can be configured to check any combination of rules on a whole project or one file at a time
Generate Conformance Reports

  • Save conformance errors for the whole project or individual files for use in conformance reports and application documentation
Flexible and Configurable Command Line Interface

  • A Powerful command line interface is included for automated reports using batch or make files or use a third party IDE
  • Selectively enforce rules by number or classification
  • Accepts command files for all options for consistent configurations and project control
  • Available on PC/Windows, PC-Linux, HP-UX and SUN OS
  • Also Available as a plug-in to Cosmicís IDEA
*The Cosmic MISRA Checker references and includes an official copy the document entitled "Guidelines For The Use Of The C Language In Vehicle Based Software" published by The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association April 1998.

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