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Cosmic Software Floating license Management

Floating licenses provide the most flexibility for multiple users and projects or when user's need access to the software from more than one computer on the network. This type of license allows Cosmic Software to be installed on any number of computers, but limits concurrent usage to the number of licenses purchased. Floating licenses use a license server to manage Cosmic licenses. A license server is a computer running the Flexera FlexNet license manager software. It may be any computer on the same network as the computers that will run Cosmic software. There are two license file options for floating licenses.

1) Dongle Based Floating Licenses – This type of license file uses a USB Dongle (FLEXid) attached to the license server computer to create the license file.  The user can move the license server at any time by installing the dongle drivers and license manager software on another computer and moving the USB dongle to the new computer. (Windows only)

2) Hostid floating license – This type of license file uses the License server's Hostid (MAC address) to create the license file. To obtain a Hostid floating license file from Cosmic, you will need to determine and send the server name and Hostid of the license server computer. You can serve Cosmic licenses from one license server or a redundant set of three servers. A redundant set will require the submission of three hostids to create this special type of license. See the FlexNet End User's Guide for more information on redundant servers.

Windows License Server

For license servers running Windows, the server name and Hostid information can be obtained by downloading and running the lmreg utility lmreg utility (winzipped) on the license server computer(s). This will bring up a window containing the appropriate information. You can copy and paste this information into an email to send to Cosmic. The lmreg utility is also located on every Windows product CD.
For more information on license server setup please see : Readme_WIN.pdf

You can download the latest version of the FLEXlm/FlexNet Publisher License manager software (lmgrd) and "lmutil" utilities from the Flexera site. These programs can be used with any application that is licensed by FlexNet/FLEXlm so long as the lmgrd version is greater than the vendor daemon version. Flexera recommends that you use the latest version of lmgrd at all times as it includes bug fixes, enhancements, and assures the greatest level of compatibility with all of your licensed applications.

Hostid registration is not required when using FLEXid dongles or floating licenses. See the General License Info page and FlexNet End User's Guide for more information.

Cosmic Vendor Daemon

Please contact Cosmic Software Technical support for Cosmic Vendor Daemon download information.



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Last Updated   13-Nov-2017

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