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Cosmic Software C Compilers

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Cosmic's C cross compilers are part of a complete and uniform compiler product line incorporating over 20 years of innovative design and development. Cosmic's familiar and easy to use software interface is common through all supported microcontrollers to simplify the learning curve and the migration between targets. All C compilers include:
  • IDEA
    Cosmic's own integrated development environment for Windows is preconfigured for the compiler it comes with. (IDEA is not available on UNIX)
  • ANSI and ISO C Compiler
    Cosmic compilers follow ANSI and ISO rules and conventions. C Syntax extensions provide efficent use of processor specific features such as zero page, peripherals, eeprom and paged memory.
  • Reentrant and Recursive
    Most Cosmic Compilers are fully reentrant and recursive using standard ANSI stack frame conventions.
  • Library source code
    Cosmic Compilers come with source code for all libraries provided.
  • In-line Assembly
    The compilers support three convenient methods for adding assembly code inside a C program including an argument passing mechanism.
  • Absolute Listings
    Optionally produce relocatable and/or absolute C interspersed with the corresponding Assembly listings.
  • Windows, UNIX and Linux
    Cosmic compilers are available on PCs running Windows 2000/XP and UNIX systems running PC-Linux, SUN Solaris and HP-UX.
  • Host Independent Formats
    The Cosmic relocatable and absolute object formats are host independent. This allows user's on PC Windows, Linux, SUN and HP to share objects for linking and debugging.
  • IEEE-695 and ELF/DWARF
    The Cosmic compilers support the IEEE-695 and ELF/DWARF 2.0 standard debug formats used by many popular emulators and logic analyzers.
  • C Interrupt functions and vector table
    Interrupts can be managed entirely in C. The compiler takes care to save and restore the necessary registers.
  • Macro assembler
    Supports C #defines and #includes so that C and assembly language modules may share common constants and macros.
  • Linker
    Place the code in memory and take care of initializing global variables. Can also generate automated checksums for most targets.
  • Utilities
    Librarian, hex file generator, object format converters, debugging support utilities, multi-pass compiler command driver.

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