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Cosmic Supported HC08 and HCS08 Derivatives

Cosmic's 68HC08 and HCS08 development tools produce highly efficient code and debug support for both the 68HC08 and the HCS08 families of microcontrollers including derivatives with more than 64K of program memory. Cosmic tools are designed to support the entire family including the following derivatives as well as most unpublished derivatives. Please contact Cosmic sales or tech support if a derivative you are interested in is not listed below.


HCS08AW - MC9S08AW60, MC9S08AW48, MC9S08AW32, MC9S08AW16
HCS08DN - MC9S08DN60, MC9S08DN48, MC9S08DN32, MC9S08DN16
HCS08DV - MC9S08DV60, MC9S08DV48, MC9S08DV32, MC9S08DV16
HCS08DZ - MC9S08DZ128, MC9S08DZ96, MC9S08DZ60, MC9S08DZ48,
HCS08DZ - MC9S08DZ32, MC9S08DZ16
HCS08EN - MC9S08EN32, MC9S08EN16
HCS08EL - MC9S08EL32, MC9S08EL16
HCS08GB - MC9S08GB60, MC9S08GB32
HCS08GT - MC9S08GT60, MC9S08GT32
HCS08LC - MC9S08LC60
HCS08QE - MC9S08QE128
HCS08RC - MC9S08RC60, MC9S08RC32, MC9S08RC16, MC9S08RC8
HCS08RD - MC9S08RD60, MC9S08RD32, MC9S08RD16
HCS08RE - MC9S08RE60, MC9S08RE32, MC9S08RE16, MC9S08RE8
HCS08RG - MC9S08RG60
HCS08SG - MC9S08SG32, MC9S08SG16, MC9S08SG8

HCS08SL - MC9S08SL16, MC9S08SL8


HC08AB - HC08AB16A, HC908AB32
HC08AP - HC908AP16, HC908AP32, HC908AP64, HC908AP8, HC908AP16A,
HC908AP32A, HC908AP64A, HC908AP8A
HC08AS - HC908AS60, HC908AS60A, HC08AS32, HC08AS32A, HC908AS32A
HC08AZ - HC08AZ60A, HC908AZ60A, HC908AZ32A
HC08BD - HC08BD24, HC908BD48
HC08EY - HC908EY16
HC08GP - HC08GP16A, HC08GP32A, HC908GP32
HC08GR - HC908GR16, HC908GR16A, HC908GR32A, HC908GR4, HC908GR48A,
HC08GR - HC908GR60A, HC908GR8, HC908GR8A
HC08GT - HC908GT16, HC908GT8
HC08GZ - HC908GZ8, HC908GZ16, HC908GZ32, HC908GZ48, HC908GZ60
HC08JB - HC08JB1, HC08JB8, HC908JB12, HC908JB16, HC908JB8
HC08JT/JW - HC08JT8, HC908JW32
HC08JK - HC08JK3E, HC08JK8
, HC908JK1E
HC08K - HC08KH12, HC908KX2, HC908KX8
HC08LB - HC908LB8
HC08LD - HC908LD60, HC908LD64
HC08LJ/LK - HC908LJ12, HC908LJ24, HC908LK24,
HC08LT - 68HC08LT8
HC08LV - 68HC08LV8
HC08MR - HC908MR16, HC908MR32, HC908MR8
HC08QB - MC908QB4, MC908QB8
HC08QF - HC908QF4
HC08QT - HC908QT1, HC908QT2, HC908QT4
HC08QY - HC908QY1, HC908QY2, HC908QY4, MC908QY8
HC08RF - HC908RF2
- HC908SR12

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