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Development Assistant for C (DAC) is an integrated development environment (IDE) which supports the development and maintenance of embedded software written in the C and assembly languages.

DAC is much more than just a full featured Project IDE and Editor.  DAC includes a Documentation Generator, Flow Chart Creator, Project and Source Browser, Call-Hierarchy and Data Flow Graph, Type-Hierarchy Graph and Software Metrics Graph & Reports.

The Documentation and Flow Chart Generator alone make DAC an exceptional value and a real time saver.

Flow Chart View
DAC's Flow Chart feature creates and displays a flow chart right along side your source code providing exceptional readability.  DAC creates a split screen with the actual source code on one side and a generated flow chart on the other.  You can easily follow the program using the flow chart and refer to the source when you want all of the details.

Documentation Generator

All too often application documentation is left until last and holds up a release or simply never gets updated to reflect the most recent application changes.  Using DAC, documentation is always current with the application.  The one-time document template setup can be done in 5 minutes using the wizard or standard templates.  

To update a project document simply select "Generate Document" from the Documentation menu, select the desired template from the pull down list and DAC does the rest.  DAC examines your project source files and generates a neatly formatted Rich Text document.   View Example Document generated using the standard "Module Summary Template" and the Cosmic CX6812 example project.

Cosmic Software is an authorized distributor and support agent for RistanCASE Development Assistant for C (DAC). Please contact our sales department for pricing and availability.

To evaluate DAC with Cosmic Development Tools download any Cosmic Evaluation Kit , the RistanCASE DAC Trial and the DAC and Cosmic Technical Note with examples. Installation and setup procedures are described in the technical note provided in the PDF

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